Off the Beaten Track for Some Tropical Trekking

Off the Beaten Track for Some Tropical Trekking

Off the Beaten Track for Some Tropical Trekking

Off the Beaten Track for Some Tropical Trekking – Life moves by at a rather alarming rate in the modern world, to the point where we seldom get the chance to just slow the pace to take in our surroundings. When you travel to Bali, you will have the opportunity to go on a tour that is unlike anything you are used to. Mason Adventures have made a name for themselves in Bali by delivering all manner of different options for thrill seekers, from helicopter rides to riding the white-water rapids along the Ayung River. The Tropical Trekking tour may not deliver the thrills of the other Mason Adventures tours but believe us when we tell you that it is indeed still an adventure.

For this trek, you will be transported to the Taro district of Bali, an area that is rich in history and culture. The trails that you will walk have been specifically chosen to make sure that you are able to take in a stunning array of different sights along the way. You really need to pack your best walking shoes, as you are in for a tour that lasts about 3-4 hours. You need not worry, though, as the tour is taken at a pace that anyone can follow, with plenty of stops along the way.

Bali is a part of the world that is known for its stunning scenery, and while it looks beautiful from afar, you will quickly learn that it becomes even better once you are in the thick of it and trekking those well-worn trails. Your tour guide knows all the best spots to hit and will be more than happy to share some of the history and culture of Bali with you as you walk. The reason why this trek takes so long is because you are given ample time to take pictures and explore all the areas that you visit.

There are some amazing natural treasures to be discovered along the way, and there will be times where you will feel as though you are an explorer stumbling on a secret location for the first time ever. Hidden temples will appear out of nowhere, while natural springs will provide a great way to cool off and beat the heat. Don’t worry, though, as you won’t need to wait for those springs for relief, as Mason Adventures offers up refreshing cold towels for everyone who takes the Tropical Trekking tour.

While you may feel as though you are in the thick of a tropical jungle far from humanity, you are always going to be safe and sound on this tour.  The expert guides know this area like the back of their hands, and emergency assistance is provided in the very rare event that it is needed. You will also be given a delicious lunch with mineral water which will help sustain you for the duration of the trek. If you are looking for an adventure at a slower pace, you need to take the Tropical Trek by Mason Adventures.

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