What Will You See on a Bali Helicopter Sky Tour?

What Will You See on a Bali Helicopter Sky Tour?

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What Will You See on a Bali Helicopter Sky Tour – Bali is a truly magical place that has something to see and do for just about everyone. This is something that many tour companies don’t really think about when putting together their packages. For example, some helicopter tours will simply follow the same path with every flight rather than giving people options on things to see. This is not the case when you fly with Mason Sky Tours, as their services include a host of different flight plans that cover as much of the island of Bali as possible. The toughest decision you will need to make is picking which one to take.

For many visitors to Bali, the choice is simple, as who wouldn’t jump at the chance to fly over top of an active volcano? The Kintamani Volcano tour is perhaps the most popular of all the flights offered by Mason Sky Tours, simply because it offers a stunning glimpse into the wrath of Mother Nature. You will see the how the mountainside has been carved through previous eruptions, whilst also getting an eyeful of the Caldera lake that looks ever so peaceful, at least for the time being.

If it’s more of a relaxing helicopter ride that you are after, then the Bedugul tour is a great one to choose. You get to fly over this beautiful part of the island that is dotted with some of the most stunning lakes you will ever set eyes on. It’s a trip that nature lover’s will really get a kick out of, with waterfalls and glistening waters sitting so close that you will feel as though you will be able to reach out and touch them. This is a tour that shows the natural beauty that Bali has to offer.

One of the things that Bali is most famous for are her spectacular coastlines, which is why the helicopter trips along those coasts are another major draw. There are places where the cliffs rise high above the crashing waves below, and where mysterious looking caves can be spotted carved into the rock. You will also get a look at some of the fabulous beaches that Bali is famous for, and you may even pick out one or two that you might want to relax on a little later in your trip. There are a couple of different coastline tours on offer from Mason, a company known for their sense of adventure.

Other tours on offer via helicopter include a visit to the islands surrounding Bali, as well as an overhead view of the temples that dot the island. As mentioned at the start of this piece, choosing the trip that you want can be the toughest part, but there is a way around all of that. It is possible to customize your trip by chartering a helicopter. This is a great way to see the island on your own terms or to make a special occasion that much more memorable.

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