What to Expect with Mason Sky Tours

What to Expect with Mason Sky Tours

Bali Expect - Mason Sky Tours

What to Expect with Mason Sky Tours – If you have never taken a ride in a helicopter before, you probably have very little idea of what to expect. It is the not knowing that tends to keep some people clear of the helicopter tours available in Bali, which is unfortunate. Bali is an island that is wonderful when viewed from the ground, but it’s not until you get up in the air and over the island that the true beauty of this gem starts to become totally apparent. If you are planning on visiting Bali and are toying with the idea of a helicopter ride, let us tell you a little about what you can expect.

We cannot speak for what other tour provider’s offer, but we can be sure that they would be hard pressed to offer the sort of services that Mason Sky Tours provide for their customers. Mason have several different flight options available, and they also offer charters that allow you to customize your trip. They have several helipads located at different spots on the island, which means you are never far from one, no matter where you are staying in Bali.

The tours offered are all wonderful in their own right, but the reality here is that the whole thing would be tough to take if the helicopters were not up to par. There is no need to worry about any of that when you choose to go on a trip with Mason Sky Tours. You will definitely not feel cramped when you climb on board, and the leather seats will ensure that you have a comfortable ride from start to finish. The cabin is fully air conditioned, so once again, comfort is at a level that you might not expect to find with other tour companies.

One of the biggest surprises for people flying in a helicopter for the first time is that the cabins are surprisingly quiet. The windows on the helicopter are large and panoramic, which means that there will be glorious sights to see no matter where you look. The helicopters are equipped with cameras inside and out so that you can get a recording of your flight, if you so desire. There are also large monitors and a crystal-clear sound system on offer so that you can see and hear everything that is going on around you.

The helicopters operated by Mason Sky Tours are absolutely state of the art when it comes to navigation and safety. In the extremely rare event that there is some sort of issue, pop out floatation is available to make water landings a breeze. Mason really have thought of everything when putting together their helicopters and tours, which may help explain why they have become the go to helicopter tour company on Bali. They make sure that every single person who flies with them is comfortable at all times, and that they get a memorable experience that will make them want to come back for more.

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